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Access Information News for Monday, December 12, 2022 - Volume 888

The Week's News in Access Information

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Access Information News. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access information.

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1) Top 5 Most Clicked Access Information News Articles From Last Week

A.) A Version Of "A Christmas Carol" With Characters And Narration Voiced By Various Speech Synthesizers: Produced By Martin Courcelles | MP3 | David Goldfield | Tech-VI List (7.2% of all clicks.)
I first found this gem several years ago, downloaded it and have continued to archive it. It's a wonderful adaptation of "a Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. The narrator along with each character is voiced by a different speech synthesizer, many or all of which you might recognize. As an example, the character Ebenezer Scrooge is voiced by one of the British Eloquence voices. This piece also has music and soundscapes. I am grateful to Martin for once again making this available which he did in a recent post on Mastodon:

B.) Why Amazon Alexa (And Other Voice Assistants) Aren't Making Money (5.6% of all clicks.)
Earlier this week, Business Insider reported that Amazon is on pace to lose $10 billion from its Alexa voice assistant and its smart speaker business. The news comes at a time when Alexa's competitors are dealing with difficulties of their own and struggling to find a way to monetize their voice assistants:

C.) The Hottest Low Vision Gifts | Ophthalmic Edge (5.3% of all clicks.)
Finding the right gift for someone who has a visual impairment can be complicated. Great gifts come in many forms and at many prices. So, as usual, we are including some gifts that don't cost a lot and some that don't cost anything, because the gift of empowerment is priceless:

D.) Ways In Which Cameras Help The Blind | Kevin Jones (5.0% of all clicks.)
I've been politely asked, "how do you read messages or email on a computer?" A less common question is "How did you take that picture?":

E.) Blind Chef Teaches Her Skills And Love Of Cooking To Others With Visual Impairments | Video | KGW8 (4.9% of all clicks.)
Chef Debra Erickson launched "The Blind Kitchen" to make space for cooks and bakers with vision loss. She hopes it becomes a community of support:

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3) Access Information News Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Email Newsletter Directory Dedicated To Access Information

Publisher: Do you regularly send out access information via an email newsletter? I am very excited to announce that beginning today, Monday, December 12th 2022, Access Information News has launched a first-of-its-kind Email Newsletter Directory dedicated to access information. This new Directory was created at the request of both readers and access information email newsletter providers who were looking for more optimal ways to locate each other. Learn all about the new Directory here:

4) Innovation Is What We Need For An Accessible Future | Microsoft News Centre Canada | Chris Barry | President

December 3rd 2022 was International Day of Persons with Disabilities, an annual moment to bring awareness to disability issues, promote inclusion, and embrace people of all abilities. Statistics Canada reports that one in five Canadians aged 15 years or older live with one or more disabilities. Even if you do not live with a disability today, that can change as you age or move through life stages. As Dave Dame, our Director of Accessibility says, "one day, we'll all age into a disability:"

5) How to Make a Mastodon Account and Join the Fediverse

The recent chaos at Twitter is a reminder that when you rely on a social media platform, you're putting your voice, your privacy, and your safety in the hands of the people who run that system. Many people are looking to Mastodon as a backup or replacement for Twitter, and this guide will walk you through making that switch. Note this guide is current as of December 2022, and the software and services discussed are going through rapid changes:

6) My Experiences With Inaccessible Legal Docs And Processes — And How To Fix Them | Deque | Patrick Sturdivant

To observe this year's International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD), I would like to share my experience with e-signature software. This experience highlights the importance of digital accessibility as it relates to the full engagement of people with disabilities while promoting the rights, respect and dignity of those who daily live with unique challenges and special abilities:

7) Leader Dogs For The Blind Detroit Is Looking For Host Families

Nonprofit founded in Detroit in 1939. Volunteers can do their part by hosting Leader Dog Moms. Right now, two special dogs need host families. Truvy and Wendy. Both are very good girls:

8) Bubbly: New CVI Literacy App

Bubbly, a free iPad app, is a literacy game created specifically for emerging and beginner readers with CVI. Based on the word bubbling tool, the interactive game can be customized to meet the individual needs of any CVI student. Learn more about Bubbly here:

9) Introducing Accessibility In Typography

Here is a good overview in ensuring that your typography is accessible on the web:

01) ACT Rules Implementation In Test Tools And Methodologies

The W3C has published how rules are implemented differently with different testing tools:

11) Reader Review: Self Service Check Outs at Supermarkets | Award Winning Sight Loss Coach, Advocate and Author Donna Jodhan

Courtesy of Access Information News reader Donna Jodhan:

12) The Failure Of Amazon's Alexa Shows Microsoft Was Right To Kill Cortana | Windows Central | Jez Corden

Publisher: While I personally find this author's use of the word "failure" to be misleading, I do believe this article still offers some really great insights. I say the word "failure" is misleading because the failure being described is not one of the technology itself, but that of a monetization scheme for the service which has not yet emerged. Therefore the failure being described is a business failure, and not a technological one. Some technologies are so very difficult to achieve (like AI) that few companies can withstand the term of investment required to see a return. Technology changes every day. The answer that Amazon has been looking for may manifest itself in the form of new technological opportunity tomorrow, or 10 years from now. There is now way for anyone to know precisely when the proper technologies will align to make voice interaction good enough for everyone to buy in. But it will happen. The only question will be whether or not Amazon can hold on that long. However long that is.
Jex Corden: Microsoft Cortana, we barely knew ye. 2023 is looking to be a rough year in tech, with layoffs already hitting various major companies as forecasts predict recession almost across the entire world. A combination of inflationary effects of money printing through the pandemic, Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine, and even China's COVID-Zero lockdown policies — are all contributing to a perfect economic storm hitting practically everyone. From gas prices to food costs, we're all tightening our belts, and for the world's biggest companies, that means accepting some harsh realities about some of their more experimental departments:

13) What A Deafblind Kitchen Is Like

A Deafblind reader describes what her kitchen looks like and lists products that she finds helpful for independent living:

14) Smart Speakers Can Restore Radio's Relevance | Roger Lanctot | Radio World

It's time to put Alexa, Google Voice and Siri to work tapping into the untapped treasures spilling out of automotive speaker systems:

15) AbleGamers: Combating Social Isolation Through Play

Video games have the power to change lives. Humans have the power to transform the gaming world into a landscape accessible to all gamers. That's what Mark Barlet, Steven Weitz, and Dr. Andy Wu of AbleGamers Charity, believe. 3Play Media was excited to welcome leaders from AbleGamers for a fireside chat about the impact of accessibility in the gaming community in observance of this year's Giving Tuesday. The AbleGamers Charity is a "nonprofit public charity that aims to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games." Watch a recording of the fireside chat below, or read on for key takeaways from the webinar, and learn about the difference they're making for the 46 million gamers in the US living with one or more disability:

16) Google Steps Up Accessibility Commitments At New London Innovation Hub

Last week, Google launched its new Accessibility Discovery Centre (ADC) at its central London office located in the Kings Cross district of the U.K. capital. In doing so, the tech giant announced its intentions to enhance its understanding and commitment to accessibility innovation across its multiple product lines to new and exciting levels:

17) WeWalk Raises Cash To Bring Computer Vision To Smart Cane For Visually Impaired People

WeWalk, a U.K.-based startup developing a "smart cane" for visually impaired people, today announced it has raised £2 million ($2.4 million) in venture funding from several notable institutional and angel investors — including Manchester City and German international footballer Ilkay Gundogan. Founded out of London in 2019, WeWalk has developed a GPS-enabled smart cane and smartphone app, helping users navigate their surrounding environment. Time named the WeWalk Smart Cane one of the "best inventions" of 2019:

18) BBC Preparing To Go Online-Only Over Next Decade, Says Director General

Tim Davie outlines vision for a world of 'infinite choice' where broadcast TV and radio are being switched off:

19) Ice Cube Painting For Children With Visual Impairments Or Multiple Disabilities

Designed by an Occupational Therapist (OT), this activity uses a unique medium to work in and provides special sensory elements to drawing and writing for children with visual impairments or multiple disabilities:

20) 4 Amazon Customers Share How Alexa Helps Make Life Simpler For People With Disabilities | Amazon

Every day we hear from customers with disabilities who tell us the ways, big and small, that Alexa makes a difference in their lives. From a mom in the United States who uses Alexa to create a sensory room for her son with autism, to a film director in France with spinal muscular dystrophy who utilizes Alexa to help him manage his day as he lives independently — customers all over the world are inventing and discovering new ways to incorporate Alexa into their lives:

21) Guide Dogs Australia Joins Be My Eyes

Guide Dogs Australia delivers essential services to children, teenagers, adults, and older Australians who are blind or have low vision in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. As a Be My Eyes Specialized Help provider, Guide Dogs Australia will provide live visual assistance to any and all Australians struggling with their vision. All Be My Eyes calls placed to Guide Dogs Australia will be directed to their team in Brisbane; from there, callers can have their information and requests forwarded to their local Guide Dogs Australia chapter:

22) Paths To Literacy Newsletter For December 6th 2022 | Holiday Ideas and Activities For 2022

December means lots of events, activities, and celebrations. Here are some ways to make it a meaningful learning experience for our students with visual impairments:

23) Why Listening to Audiobooks Is as Good as Reading Books

Some people may not like it, but listening to audiobooks also counts as reading, and here's why:

24) Google Opens Its First UK Centre Making Tech For Disabled People

If you design technology with disabled people in mind, you design technology better for everyone. This was the sentiment from Google as it opened its first UK research and development center dedicated to making tech to help people with disabilities:

25) Braille Institute Presents Unique Holiday Gift Items For Anyone With Low To No Vision

Searching for the perfect gift for a family member or friend who is blind or visually impaired? Braille Institute has put together a selection of the best gifts for those with low to no vision. This holiday season gift something they can use all year-long:

26) Developer Of Pokémon GO Sued By NJ Man For Lack Of Accessibility For The Visually Impaired

A Hudson County man filed two separate lawsuits against Niantic, Inc., the augmented reality mobile game developer behind Pokémon GO, saying the popular app and the company's website discriminate against the visually impaired:

27) New Technological Innovations That Are Improving Care for the Disabled

Entries include bionic exoskeletons, helmets for the blind, eye-controlled wheelchairs, 3D-printed prosthetics and text-to-speech software:

28) Federal Communications Commission Reminder of Audio Description Rules Phase in to DMAs 81-90 on 1/1/23

The Media Bureau reminds television broadcasters that the audio description rules will extend to DMAs 81 through 90 on January 1, 2023:

29) A Proclamation on International Day of Persons With Disabilities, 2022 | The White House

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we recognize and celebrate the equal rights and dignity of disabled people everywhere and reaffirm our commitment to building a world where people with disabilities are afforded the opportunities, independence, and respect they deserve:

30) Accessibility Can Improve Everyone's Lives \ Social Europe | Jakob Rosin

In a digitalized world, accessibility is ever more at a premium for the visually impaired — who should be involved in finding solutions. Accessibility can improve everyone's lives. In a digitalized world, accessibility is ever more at a premium for the visually impaired — who should be involved in finding solutions. Years ago, while I was studying at university, a lecturer keen on innovation insisted on the final examination being taken online, via a platform hitherto unknown to me. There was a time limit for taking the test and, among other things, the assessment took into account how long it took to answer some questions:

31) Hosting a Braille Holiday Party | Paths To Literacy

Hosting a Braille Holiday Party: Invite family, friends, and members of the community to create braille cards for students with visual impairments, blindness, deafblindness or multiple disabilities:

32) Antwerp-Based App Wants To 'Make World Bigger' For Visually-Impaired

Antwerp-based start-up AYES is gaining traction with its app that helps blind and visually-impaired people cross the street safely. With fresh money from investors, the small company hopes to reach millions of people. Launched a year ago, AYES' iPhone app can 'see' when a pedestrian light is green and notifies the user with sounds and vibrations. The Antwerp start-up's app allows blind and visually impaired people to cross safely, even at intersections that do not have an audible signal. The app is also sued to help them get on the correct buses and trams:

33) In Photos | 'Please Touch': How One Person Is Making Art Accessible to the Blind

'Access For All' aims to make the world more enjoyable, not just sustainable, for the disabled. "Initially, people are hesitant to touch the artwork. Everywhere they go, they are told 'do not touch this', 'keep away from that'. When we get them to interact with the artwork, they ask us twice, thrice, if it's okay to touch. It's a mental barrier that we are lifting for them," says Siddhant Shah:

34) Ten Tips for Exercising Safely with Diabetes: Part 5 in Series | APH VisionAware

Audrey Demmitt, RN, BSN, is a Diabetes Nurse Educator, APH VisionAware Peer Advisor, and author of the APH VisionAware multi-part blog series on diabetes and diabetes education. In this post, she discusses ten tips for exercising safely with diabetes:

35) Help Your Students Grow Roots with Braille Using the Dual Media Decision Tree

Using a Dual Media Decision Tree with students can help guide them when making choices between braille and print:

36) Mnemonics for Identifying Tricky Braille Characters | Paths To Literacy

This mnemonic device helps braille readers remember characters that are often confused.

37) Why Assistive Technology Matters to Me | Clark Montgomery | AdaptiVision

Did you know that the first long-playing records (or LPs, as they are known) were not designed for music? Instead, they were used to record talking books for the blind. In the 1930s, the demand for talking books increased dramatically once soldiers returned home from the first world war. Many blinded veterans, unable to read Braille, needed another way to access literature and information:

38) Thales Releases 'Voice Payment Card' For The Visually Impaired

Thales has released a 'Voice Payment Card', to help guide visually impaired people as they conduct transactions at the till. To take advantage of the innovation, users just have to install an app on their mobile phone, which is uniquely associated with their card. Each time they make a payment, the mobile app vocalizes the amount of the transaction before letting users validate it with their secret code:

➜ Featured Webinars, Training Courses and Events

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1) Lego Braille Bricks Live Session 3: Creative Manual Activities for Christmas | APH

December 12th 2022 | 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET, 4PM GMT | Christmas is a great time to create crafts. Let's share amazing and fun tactile ideas adapted to visually impaired children:

2) Basics of Accessibility Testing | TPGi

December 13th 2022 | 9AM PT, 10AM MT, 11AM CT, 12PM ET, 5PM GMT | Presenter: Aaron Farber, Senior Accessibility Platform Consultant. Accessibility testing is a critical step in delivering a modern online experience. This webinar goes beyond testing checklists to answer the fundamental questions people have when they start testing for web accessibility. For accessibility testing to be effective, organizations must understand what makes a digital experience equal. We'll cover web accessibility, the role and structure of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and how to quantify the risk associated with a guideline. Additionally, we'll discuss the following: How to set the scope for accessibility testing and feel confident you are covering the "right parts" of a website/web application. We'll document mouse-only, keyboard-only, and assistive technology testing plans. We'll delve into how web pages expose "semantics" and the tools to understand if your site is properly conveying its meaning to assistive technology. How to get expert support beyond your team to be sure that your accessibility testing results are accurate and more! Learn how to use the tools, access resources, and receive clear steps to perform a full-scale WCAG audit. Register:

3) Partner Showcase: Audiojack's Newest O+M Experience | APH ConnectCenter

December 13th 2022 | 1PM PT, 2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET, 8PM GMT | The APH Partner Showcase for December features Audiojack and its creator David Tobin. Listen live to the latest O&M Audiojack in the Life category, located in the mobile app and on the website. Then, engage with other Audience members and David as you discuss the newest Audiojack. The APH Partner Showcase is part of Access Academy, but does not offer ACVREP credits. The Showcase is strictly informational/promotional, and highlights some of APH's partner vendors in the field, and their product(s):

4) Explore SuperSense and Seeing AI Webinar | Lighthouse For The Blind, Inc.

December 14th 2022 | 4PM PT, 5PM MT, 6PM CT, 7PM ET, 12AM GMT on 12/15 | Come explore SuperSense and Seeing AI, two leading apps that leverage artificial intelligence to describe the world around you. We'll compare these apps in real world scenarios, learn to maximize their functionality, and help you decide which app might best meet your needs in this fun, interactive and informative webinar from the Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Register in advance at:

5) Creating Accessible Promotional Materials (Digital Accessibility Webinar) | Access Ingenuity

December 14th 2022 | 10AM PT, 11AM MT, 12PM CT, 1PM ET, 6PM GMT | As a document author, learn about choosing colors, selecting images, and laying out your brochure, poster, or flyer in an engaging yet accessible way. Join Rachel Reeves in reviewing the most accessible way to create PDF Promotional Material. Learning Outcomes: Review color contrast requirements. Address mistakes commonly made in the Layout/Reading Order of one-page posters or flyers. Understand obstacles commonly encountered if using authoring tools such as Canva or Illustrator. Analyze poor templates that have images and fonts that make PDF remediation difficult. Meeting ID: 865 1628 1737 | Passcode: 967492 | One tap mobile: +16699009128,,86516281737#,,,,*967492# US (San Jose) | Dial by your location: +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose) | Join Zoom Meeting:

6) Training Course: Catching Up with JAWS Chapter 4 for JAWS 2022 and 2023 | Hartgen Consultancy

December 14th 2022 | 11AM PT, 12PM MT, 1PM CT, 2PM ET, 7PM GMT | Catching Up with JAWS is priced £35 which is approximately 40 American dollars. Now is your chance to get some high quality training on some of the latest features within the screen-reader JAWS for Windows which have been introduced over the past two years. This follows on from our previous popular training courses on this subject. These training courses are still popular and people are purchasing the older volumes in the series even today:

7) Career Conversations with Joe Strechay | APH ConnectCenter

December 15th 2022 | 4PM PT, 5PM MT, 6PM CT, 7PM ET, 12AM on 12/16 GMT | Join us and meet Joe Strechay, a blind Film and Television Producer. No stranger to CareerConnect, Joe is back with us sharing his breakthrough into Television and film. Listen in and hear how as a blind professional, Joe works directly on set with actors and actresses who themselves are blind. From television and film sets both domestic and international, we will spend the hour engaging on this fascinating career:

8) Clear the Clutter: Personalize Your Web Experience with JAWS | Freedom Scientific

December 15th 2022 | 9AM PT, 10AM MT, 11AM CT, 12PM ET, 5PM GMT | Are you looking for ways to quickly locate information on web pages? Want to learn about JAWS features that will help you navigate more efficiently? Join us for a live webinar, "Clear the Clutter: Personalize Your Web Experience with JAWS." Objectives: We'll discuss different types of web content and show you how to: Use Flexible Web to quickly find or hide content. Hide/ignore inline frames. Use the Skim Reading tool to review page content. Navigate tables, forms, and web-based applications with Smart Navigation. Freedom Scientific Presenters: Elizabeth Whitaker, Cathy Johnson, and Rachel Buchanan. ACVREP Credits: ACVREP credits will be available for those who attend the live webinar. Help Us Spread the Word: Please feel free to share this with someone you think might benefit from attending. Register:

9) ZoomText, JAWS & Fusion: Latest Features (Assistive Technology Webinar) | Access Ingenuity

December 21st 2022 | 10AM PT, 11AM MT, 12PM CT, 1PM ET, 6PM GMT | It's that time again. Not only is it the holidays but also the time when there are important updates for ZoomText, JAWS, and Fusion. Join Ian Ramos and Zhi Huang from Access Ingenuity to explore what's new in the 2023 updates and some features within the past few years. Learning Outcomes: Briefly explain the differences between ZoomText, JAWS, and Fusion. Compare the different licenses and how you can find out if you are eligible for the latest updates. Explore new 2023 features such as Tethered View, Smart Glance, Notification History improvements, New Tables Only option for Smart Navigation, etc. Review recent features, including Docking the Quick Access Bar, Voice Assistant, Sound Splitter, New Vocalizer Expressive Voices and Languages, and more. Meeting ID: 827 9977 1867 | Passcode: 853407 | One tap mobile: +16699009128,,82799771867#,,,,*853407# US (San Jose) | Dial by your location: +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose) | Join Zoom Meeting:

10) Ask The Advocate | APH ConnectCenter

December 28th 2022 | 5:30PM PT, 6:30PM MT, 7:30PM CT, 8:30PM ET, 1:30AM GMT on 12/29 | Answering questions families have to better understand the processes, procedures and parent rights in a 504/IEP. When parents are better informed they will be better equipped to navigate and negotiate successful student outcomes:

11) Lego Braille Bricks Live Session 4: Braille Around the World | APH

January 4th 2023 | 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET, 4PM GMT | Let's celebrate Louis Braille's Day and explore different braille codes around the world:

12) Lego Braille Bricks Live Session 5: School Aged Numeracy | APH

February 1st 2023 | 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET, 4PM GMT | Using LEGO Braille Bricks to do math: let's discover some of the many uses of these little bricks to develop numerical and geometry skills, understand symmetry, and much more:

13) Lego Braille Bricks Live Session 6: Daily Living Activities | APH

March 6th 2023 | 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET, 4PM GMT | Let's explore daily-living activities using LEGO Braille Bricks and share our best practices, experiences, tips:

14) 2023 3rd Annual Axe-Con | Building Accessible Experiences | The World's Largest Digital Accessibility Conference

March 15th 2022 and March 16th 2023 | Deque Systems, the trusted leader in digital accessibility, has announced the third annual axe-con conference will return on March 15-16th, 2023. With the success of axe-con over the past two years, Deque will continue to host the conference as a free virtual event again next year. Axe-con is an open and inclusive digital accessibility conference that welcomes developers, designers, business users, and accessibility professionals of all experience levels to a new kind of accessibility conference focused on building, testing, and maintaining accessible digital experiences:

15) Lego Braille Bricks Live Session 7: Music | APH

April 5th 2023 | 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET, 4PM GMT | Let's discover together how to make music with these famous bricks! Come and share your creative ideas:

16) Lego Braille Bricks Live Session 8: STEM | APH

May 3rd 2023 | 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET, 4PM GMT | Have you ever thought of doing science, computing, or technology with LEGO Braille Bricks? Expert guests will join us for an amazing session:

17) Lego Braille Bricks Live Session 9: Orientation & Mobility | APH

June 7th 2023 | 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET, 4PM GMT | LEGO bricks to build plans, visualize routes, it's not new! But with LEGO Braille Bricks you can also create labels, add letters, words... Then it becomes really great:

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About: Backed by two decades of creating award-winning accessible cloud technologies for people with visual impairments, Pneuma Solutions is the global leader in accessible cloud-based solutions. Pneuma Solutions was founded by long-time accessibility developers Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell. For more information on their individual profiles, click on their respective bio pages. We're proud to be the first company to develop cloud-based accessibility at the network level. Our tools provide organizations, like yours, a way to deliver secure, accessible information right from your network or from our secure servers. You can provide your print disabled consumers, students, employees, and citizens with a multitude of accessible options. Additionally, we offer a suite of cloud-based applications to blind and print disabled consumers directly from our website. Our consumer products are designed to make the day-to-day lives of blind and print disabled individuals more accessible and simpler to manage. Access to information is not a privilege, it's a right. It's also your right to obtain affordable, accessible cloud solutions to serve your end user. When organizations like yours implement our tools, together we help make it a more inclusive world for people with disabilities. Want to know more about how we can help you become more inclusive?

Contact us here. We'll be happy to discuss how our tools can help with your accessibility needs.

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About: Access Ready Inc. is a certified, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of Access Ready Inc., a nonprofit cross-disability rights advocacy organization, is to promote a policy of accessibility benefiting all people regardless of ability across information and communications technology utilized for two way communications.

The purpose of Access Ready Inc. is to educate the public and private sectors of the importance of accessible information and communications technology to the future of all people regardless of ability.

To support this education by developing initiatives that promote policies that ensure the creation and maintenance of accessible technologies utilized for two way communications at all levels which allow for easy use by people with the widest range of abilities possible.

To develop employment and business opportunities for people with disabilities that support its educational activities in the field of information and communications technology and related areas.

To provide consulting and educational services to buyers, developers, and users of information and communications technology that promotes its highest and best use in society.

To promote the concept of a technologically accessible society which fosters:

Freedom of expression, speech, and worship.
Freedom from fear, ignorance, and want.
Freedom from dishonesty, exclusion, and immorality.
Freedom of aspiration, invention, and inclusion.

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➜ Prepare For Your Future Today With The All-New APH ConnectCenter's Job Seekers Toolkit!

The APH ConnectCenter and NSITE have partnered to update the Job Seeker's Toolkit, an accessible, self-paced, free online training course. The Toolkit includes five sections covering self-awareness, career exploration tools, the preliminary employment process, the interview, and maintaining employment. We are bringing the Job Seeker's Toolkit to a larger audience and in a Learning Management System format for today's learners, at no cost. Visit APHCareerConnect.org to get started with the Job Seekers Toolkit today at:

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Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET

Facebook (CareerConnect) | Facebook (FamilyConnect) | Facebook (VisionAware) | Twitter | YouTube

About: The APH ConnectCenter offers curated advice and resources to assist children, parents, adults, and job seekers who are blind or visually impaired, and their associated professionals, leading to greater independence and success in their lives.

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About: Access Information News is the world's leading not-for-profit access information news publication that reaches over 19,000 access professionals, educators and enthusiasts, all over the world, each week. Access Information refers to informational topics that directly affect the lives of people with disabilities. Access Information includes any and all information related to bettering the lives of people who are blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, neurodivergent and/or disabled. Access Information News is a Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Publication.

Access Information News is the world's leading not-for-profit access information news publication that reaches over 19,000 access professionals, educators and enthusiasts, all over the world, each week.

Access Information refers to informational topics that directly affect the lives of people with disabilities. Access Information includes any and all information related to bettering the lives of people who are blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, neurodivergent and/or disabled.

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Access Information News is the world's leading not-for-profit access information news publication that reaches over 19,000 blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, neurodivergent and/or disabled professionals, educators and enthusiasts, all over the world, each week. Subscribe here. Review the archive here. Access Information News is a Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Publication. Publisher: Aaron Di Blasi. Contributing Editors: John Hanlin, Jenna Lang and David Woodbridge. Access Information News is a sponsor and reader supported publication.


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