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Reader Review: Online Shopping Services

Released: 1/23/2023
Author: Donna Jodhan, Access Information News Reader
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Donna Jodhan Certified Review Badge. Photo of Review Badge to the left. Photo of Donna Jodhan to the right sitting at a large wooden table typing into her laptop. This badge certifies that this is an original and genuine review provided by Award Winning Sight Loss Coach, Advocate and Author Donna Jodhan.

Greetings everyone. I am pleased to share this very important service review with you.

The topic here is Online Shopping Services.

What I find is that if an online shopping website is not accessible or usable, then I am in big trouble.

For me this means that I need sighted assistance to help me do my shopping.

I am unable to fill out forms, choose my required product or service, and then I am unable to enter my own credit card information.

Worst of all, I cannot obtain any sort of phone assistance and the live chat facility, if available, is very difficult for me to use.

Please make your online shopping websites more accessible to persons who are vision impaired and those with technical challenges.

Please provide more available phone agents.

This Review Brought To You By: Award Winning Sight Loss Coach, Author and Advocate Donna Jodhan

Learn more about Award Winning Sight Loss Coach, Author and Advocate Donna Jodhan today:
Website: https://donnajodhan.com/
Email: donnajodhan@donnajodhan.com 📧️
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDonnaJodhan/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/author_jodhan
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