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Access Information News Joins Mastodon

Released: 4/20/2023
Author: Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Access Information News
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Mastodon art showing three different colored dancing elephants (yellow, orange and blue) waving at a plane pilot zig zagging across the sky is seen an the login page of the Mastodon app on an iPhone. Mastodon, a decentralized platform, rapidly gains users after Elon Musk's Twitter takeover.

I am incredibly excited to report that Access Information News is now on Mastodon.

Follow us by visiting https://mastodon.accessinformationnews.com/@news or searching for @news@mastodon.accessinformationnews.com on your server today.

Access Information News joined the Fediverse via its own Mastodon server on April 20, 2023, primarily as the result of a push led by Jonathan Mosen to convince as many blind information providers as possible to create a presence on the social network.

Access Information News now joins Top Tech Tidbits, which also joined Mastodon on April 17, 2023.

We made the decision to join Mastodon in early December of 2022, but decided that as a publication we could only do so by acquiring and managing our own Mastodon server, which in turn required additional funds that the publication did not have. This was especially true for AIN, as the publication is not yet fully sponsored. So we bumped it down the priority list for a time when said funds might become available.

While this time has still yet to arrive, we decided that it simply couldn't wait any longer. So we reshuffled the publication's current priorities in order to make it happen now.

This decision carried with it two costs. The monthly cost to host the server as well as the ongoing additional cost to publish Access Information News content to a new channel each week.

And this is necessary because we don't plan to leave anyone behind. As a not-for-profit publication we are not in a position to pick or choose one network over another. We want people all over the world to be able to get Access Information News everywhere they are.

If you find our new presence on Mastodon helpful, please consider making a small donation today.

1.) Donate: One-Time
2.) Bronze Supporter: $15/Year
3.) Silver Supporter: $25/Year
4.) Gold Supporter: $50/Year
5.) Platinum Supporter: $100/Year

If you are an access-based business or organization that would like to join Mastodon using your own server instance, but need help setting up the server, attaching your domain name and verifying it with your website in order to get the free green check mark, we can help.

This is not a service that we can provide for free, but we will extend a flat, one-time setup rate to any access-based business or organization that might need it. We will secure, setup and attach the server for you, but you will pay for the server yourself, monthly, based on the number of users you wish to accommodate. Monthly server plans range from $6/Month (5 Users Max) to $90/Month (2,000 Users Max) or more. You can reach out to me directly at: publisher@accessinformationnews.com 📧️.

Welcome to the Fediverse!


Aaron Di Blasi, PMP

Publisher (2022-Present)
Access Information News
The Week's News in Access Information
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Publisher (2020-Present)
Top Tech Tidbits
The Week's News in Access Technology
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Sr. Project Management Professional (2006 - Present)
Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd.
Innovative ideas. Solutions that perform.
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Digital Marketing Associate
Meta Certified (2022 - Present) ✔

Social Marketing Professional
Hootsuite Certified (2020 - Present) ✔

Email Marketing Professional
Constant Contact Certified (2019 - Present) ✔

Specializing in:

Digital Strategy and Content Marketing ⚙
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