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Click-To-Vote Quick Poll Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.) Can Click-To-Vote Quick Poll respondents vote more than once?

Yes they can. Click-To-Vote Quick Polls are intended to gauge sentiment. If a reader feels strongly enough about a topic to click a link more than once then we encourage them to do so.

2.) How many options can a Click-To-Vote Quick Poll include?

Up to five.

3.) Are Click-To-Vote Quick Polls always multiple choice?

Yes they are.

4.) How are Click-To-Vote Quick Poll results displayed?

Results are always displayed by number of final votes for each option in descending order. This puts the option with the most votes at the top of the results list, even if it's original identifying letter was, say, "D" rather than "A". We preserve the original placement of the letters within the results in order to allow interpretation as to how their original placement might have affected responses.

#897 | Access Information News Click-To-Vote Quick Poll | Sponsored By: Access Ready, Inc. | 361 Votes | Poll Published: February 13th 2023 | Results Published: February 20th 2023

Quick Poll Question: With Title II of the "Americans With Disabilities Act" and the "Help America Vote Act" so clearly defining that the entire election process must be as accessible as possible to a wide range of people with disabilities, and with technology making access available, why do states and local jurisdictions resist expanding accessibility?

Quick Poll Results Link: https://www.accessinformationnews.com/ain2023/02202023/#ain-poll897-results

#892 | Access Information News Click-To-Vote Quick Poll | Sponsored By: Access Ready, Inc. | 389 Votes | Poll Published: January 9th 2023 | Results Published: January 16th 2023

Quick Poll Question: Opinion Poll: With businesses and governments at all levels becoming increasingly dependent on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to provide goods and services, and physical facilities in the US already required to be built in accordance with accessibility standards, why not ICT?

Quick Poll Results Link: https://www.accessinformationnews.com/ain2023/01162023/#ain-poll892-results

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