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Hello and welcome to the Calendar for Sponsors.

What is the Calendar for Sponsors?

The Calendar for Sponsors is a public Google Calendar used by all Access Information News Sponsors to determine (and ultimately secure) available Featured Advertisement dates. Each issue of Access Information News includes only one Featured Advertisement, hence the need for Sponsors to secure their dates ahead of time.

How To Use The Calendar for Sponsors

Google Account Required: Although this calendar is public you will still need to be logged into a Google account in order to review it.

Read-Only: The Calendar for Sponsors is read-only. While you can add events to the calendar, the events that you add will appear only to you, and will not actually populate the calendar.

Identification: Once you have located a Monday that you wish to secure which does not yet already have a Featured Advertisement associated with it, you can secure that date by sending an email to our Publisher at: publisher@accessinformationnews.com.

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